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Bri's Life!

March 26th, 2014

babynames @ 04:08 pm

My sister is a nurse in the mom and baby unit and she just had the craziest baby name ever... Stevejobs
I am not joking. She said the mom was calling the baby Steve but the dad was calling him Stevejobs.

Also I met a woman whos son was Echo Burly Bear...
not as baby as stevejobs, but still...

December 17th, 2009

(no subject) @ 01:04 pm

Current Mood: busy busy

i have my first exam tomorrow. yay. it has been a nice couple of weeks though. i've been doing a lot of home made gifts this year. it's fun. im trying to give everyone 1 home made thing.
so our apartment in olegs basement is apparently not even close to done. i knew this would happen. whatever. we'll help out a lot once we get home. it's just frustrating since we cant do anything right now. on the up side they are putting in heated floors!! :)
I'm feeling stressed about money. it seems weird... im supposed to be all grown up.. getting a real job.. im not going to be a student anymore... but the problem is i have to wait to get my official transcript to say i have graduated and it wont be out for months. so i wont be able to get a real job right away, which is stressing me out. im thinking of just doing nannying again. we'll see.
im nervous about living with olegs parents... what if i hate it?? we have to live there for 8 months!!! it's going to be interesting... hopefully it'll work out fine. we'll have our own space and they shouldn't bug us or anything, if they do i'll get oleg to speak to them about it.
im soo excited about christmas!!! :) caleigh's boyfriend dave is spending it with our family. and oelg's parents are coming over for christmas dinner. im really hoping oleg's parents give us money for christmas. oleg and i are supposed to buy a new TV since ours broke... i have like $500 saved up from gifts...
anyways off to meet a friend for lunch!

August 1st, 2009

Baby Names @ 09:36 pm

Current Mood: blah blah

here are some of my favs right now.



April 1st, 2009

(no subject) @ 09:30 am

Current Mood: stressed stressed

semester is almost done!!! i have 2 exams tomorrow. one of which im not worried about, but my stats stuff is sooo hard. i dont know what im going to do. oleg was trying to help me last night. and again tonight we are just going to go over practice tests. if i dont pass it this semester i wont be able to graduate in the fall since it isn't offered. which sucks. so i neeeddd to pass it. no choice. i think i only have about a 55% in the class now. by far by lowest university mark. im feeling extremely stressed and it's my fault since i didn't do enough work on it at the beginning of the term.
gahhh. too much stress. but i do get to go hand in my essay for one class and that means im done the entire course! it's nice to have 1 course done. and tomorrow i have my final exam for psych of adolescence so that course will be done too!

March 21st, 2009

(no subject) @ 08:41 pm

Current Mood: bored bored

got my cartilage pierced! it did hurt, but it was pretty fast and i really liked the guy who did it. he was super nice and stuff. i would definitely go back to him if i ever wanted another piercing. which i dont foresee. my mom hates piercings since caleigh ripped out her belly button ring. :P whatever.
i like it! i looks really cute. i wanted to get it in gr 9 and my mom wouldn't let me. so i finally decided to get it. :)
tralala. that's it!

March 17th, 2009

(no subject) @ 08:00 pm

Current Mood: bored bored

st patricks day. lots of drunk university students out partying. oleg and i are going over to sean and ashley's around 8:30.
i have been super busy lately. yesterday i was on campus from 10am-7pm. i have a debate in my psych of adolescence class on thursday and an exam in stats on thursday. blah. and then next week i have a 20 minute presentation i have to do. i feel like i have done soo much more work than everyone else in the group. oh well. hopefully they mark me as doing so. otherwise i'll be pissed. i typed up 16 pages of research, amanda only found the resources, oleg did 3, and reshem is putting the info together. so i have done the most by far. oh well.
the weather here has been sooo nice!!! it's been around 15 for the past couple of days. it's really nice.

July 8th, 2008

Baby Bunny! @ 09:13 pm

Current Mood: giddy giddy

This is one of 2 possible bunnies I am getting! (The other one looks the exact same)

So any name suggestions??
My list of possibles: Mia (Mee-uh), Ivy, Scarlett, Ellie, Ashlyn (after 2 people I know, Ashtyn, and Ashley) Harley, Olive.
I am getting a girl bunny (from a breeder, so I'm assuming she knows what she is talking about)
So what do you think??

June 23rd, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:44 am

Current Mood: excited excited

oelg and i are going to go down town today for a walk and stuff. which should be nice. :) im excited. i had the best sex ever last night. i dont even know how many orgasms i had, when one ended the other was starting. it was amazing. my god im lucky. i love sleeping with him. it's so comforting. waking up beside him etc. falala. im just happy. all i need is oleg and everything will be great. okay i think im going to have a nap before we go downtown. :)

May 6th, 2007

(no subject) @ 12:08 pm

Current Mood: chipper chipper

slept at olegs the past 2 nights. it was lovely. love him sooo much. went to a russian picnic yesterday. a bit boring since i didn;t understand a lot because supposedly they were swearing a lot, which i obviously was not taught in class. oleg was great though. he talked to me a lot and everything. i felt a bit stupid just trailing after him so i went and sat by the water for a while and he joined me. i went in up to my knees but oleg wouldnt come in. i was wearing a dress so i just pulled it up. it was COLD though lol. like 12 degrees out and WINDY. but it was fun sitting by the water with him. oleg said he was happy i came with him and everything. it was nice. hehe had sex last night and it was amazing and i guess i was making a fair amount of noise and supposedly this morning when oleg came out of his room his dad was smiling weird. anyways oleg said he is pretty sure his dad knows we had sex last night lol. whatever. im sure they know we have sex. not so comfortable that his dad may have heard me but whatever. his dad was smiling weird at me this morning at breakfast. but i thought it was because he thinks im picky. they had salmon and mushrooms. the 2 things i dont like. i hate the texture of mushrooms. yucky. plus i hate fish. i ate the pancake thing it was good. the family breakfast was weird. oh well. it was fine i suppose. it's not like i can contribute much when they are speaking russian. olegs dad was trying to get me to eat aged cheese. which is basicallly the only type of cheese i dont like. it is too strong. i love most cheese. blah. they probably think im soo picky. olegs mom was like "what do you eat?" lol. i was just like "i dont know..." hehe. weird. oh well. im going to go. desperate housewives tonight!! yay!! and going to my friends dance competition with my friend alex which should be fun!! :):):)

March 27th, 2007

crappyness @ 09:52 am

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy

the last 2 days i've been feeling extremely mood swingy. 1 minute im so happy and the next im so angry... it's weird. ive never been like this before. maybe it's because i should be getting my period today... but i've never been weird like that before.
so i was soo dizzy sunday and monday. i lay in bed all day sunday because i couldn't do anything. and them monday i went to the doctor. and they didn't know whats wrong. it was weird. i had this feeling like i was floating... like i wasn;t actually walking... my body was just moving on it's own without me... it was really weird. and i could feel my heart beat all over my body. and i was shaking adn anyways it was really weird. but other than that i felt okay. like my tummy didn;t hurt, no cold nothing. so the doctor tested me for like everything. and i have to go back in a week to make sure everything is oaky. but she said right now all they can think of is that i had a 2 day panic attack. i didn't know that was even possible. usually they are extemely short. psych major, i've read about this stuff for class. usually people go to the hospital becuase they think something is seriously wrong, like daves dad in september, and by the time they get to the hospital everything feels normal again. she asked what my stress levels were like. im a university student with no money,of course im stressed plus i may not get into my major. how could i not be stressed? she asked me if i could be pregnant. better not be. hence the getting my period today, or whenever it decides to come.
last night and this morning i kept yelling at oleg every other minute. sometimes i felt so happy. and then all of a sudden, without him doing anything i was all grumpy and was mad at him. for instance i told him "oleg i have a ton of stuff to do today. and you do not help me with anything. you just make there more for me to do" which is completely not true. he came over on sunday and did the dishes for me because i wasn;t well. he does so much for me. i said this because he was walkign around in his shoes, and i have to sweep. we have an inspection today or soon and i have a ton of cleaning to do. im not excited.
both my mom and my doctor suggested i could be pregnant. no way. if they want me to be less stressed that is not the way to do it. the weird thing is sometimes i wish i was pregnant. but then i know i really dont. i have this stupid little thing all planned out. but i know that is not what i want. i want to be able to give my baby everything. i dont want a baby right now. it's so weird. oh well. im just in a really weird mood right now and i dont know why. i should start cleaning. and i have to write an essay today. and do laundry. GAH. i have a ton of recycling to do. we haven;t taken it out since... i dont even know. september lol. and i ton of garbage. im leaving christine a message for when she gets home that she needs to help me with the cleaning. which she does. she never does anything. she made it seem like she was so neat at first. she really isn't. AFSMDGLO. why do i feel like this? im so angry and stressed and my moods are going up and down like crazy. every 5 minutes. if this is what pms is like i understand why people complain. because this is crappy. and annoying. i jsut want to be back to myself where i dont feel like im going to snap any minute.

Bri's Life!