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9 November 1988
ottawa, ontario, Canada
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aardvarks, acting, alice in wonderland, amusement parks, animals, australia, babysitting, being stupid, being weird, belly dancing, books, bubble baths, bunnies, candy, cheshire cat, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate milk, clothes, comedy, cookies, cool underwear, cows, dairy queen, dancing, disney, disney world, dreams, eating, eeyore, eyeshadow, finding nemo, fireworks, flowers, flute, food, foods, friends, funky clothes, getting money, glow sticks, gob, gum, gymnastics, harry potter, horror movies, horse back riding, ice cream, ice-cream, kickboxing, kittens, kiwi, laughing, linkin park, love, media, meeting new people, memories, mental health, movies, mr. bean, music, necklaces, neopets, nightmare before christmas, our lady peace, paranoia, people, photography, piano, pictures, pigs, pink, pizza, presents, pshycology, psychology, puppies, quizzes, rain, reading, red heads, scrapbooks, seth cohen, sex with sue, shoes, shopping, silliness, sims, singing, sky, sleeping, smoothies, socks, spending money, summer, swimming, t.v, talking, talking on the phone, teen books, the nightmare before christmas, the o.c, the ocean, the real world, the sims, the white stripes, thirteen, thunderstorms, toe socks, travelling, violin, wal-mart, walmart, watermelon, weight loss, weird stuff, willy wonka, writing