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Bri's Life!

March 23rd, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:03 pm

Current Mood: blah blah

falala caleigh is so excited to come visit. she talks to me all the time on msn and says "you excited for me to come down" "less then 2 weeks until i come visit" etc. funny kid. there is nothing to do here. oh well. we'll make easter dinner and we'll shop. god im tired. oh well. i'll wake up soon. i had a 3 hour nap lol. but i did apply for the general program at waterloo for psych. so i find out in if im in in may. oleg should be here any minute so i have to go.

March 20th, 2007

almost over @ 12:24 pm

Current Mood: blank blank

so i have 2 more weeks of classes. and then im done. well then i have exams. but i only have 4.. and then im done. absolutely finished. done my first year of university. which is scary. im still a little baby.well i suppose not. cal is coming up to visit... in 3 weeks. i'll be done classes like 5 days before she comes. which is good. it'll give oleg and i some time together before he leaves me for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! :(:(:( you have no idea how sad i am. i dont know how im going to live without him for 2 weeks. i feel bad for being so self centered... i mean he deserves to go to europe and have a nice vacation. but i'll be so sad. oh well. i'll miss him but i'll live. okay laundry time then essay time!

March 13th, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:18 am

Current Mood: blah blah

blah blah. it's my day off today but i have a ton of work to do, plus a ton of chores. so really isn't like a day off at all. it never feels like it. im so busy. tired tired but oleg is still sleeping in my bed and i couldn't get comfy so i got up to start some work and maybe take a nap later. bllahh. i have a dictee tomorrow, a russian test and a midterm, then on thursday i have a test and a midterm. blllahh. oh how i remember in highschool when nothing was worth more than like 5% assignment wise. how nice. and now i have exams worth 60% of my mark etc. much more stressful. oh well. time to begin the studying.

March 9th, 2007

(no subject) @ 12:16 pm

Current Mood: chipper chipper

hehe eating icecream for lunch. it's chocolate chip cookie dough. yum yum. im probably going to oakville to visit my friends jordan and carolyn. :) im excited. i hope it works out. but im sad becaue oleg is going to france!!! im going to miss him. :( i've seen him everyday since the summer... ah... i love him soo much. so happy. :) i used to think teri was crazy for making alex her whole life. i just didn't understand before. i basically have no friends here in waterloo. christine and ashley and that's it. i spend all of my time with oleg... i want to though. i want to spend all my time with him... if it makes me happy, why not? oleg randomly saw 2 of his friends from his old school, the high school he went to before AY. so he is going drinking with them this weekend. which kind of worries me. the only 2 times oleg has drank without me there he has gotten sick. when im there he doesn;t drink a lot because he sys he feels like he has to take care of me... so he drinks more when im not there and i get worried he'll die. his friends dont care about him like i do so how do i know they'll take care of him like i would? so im making him come home to me after he drinks so that i know he is okay lol. falalala.

March 4th, 2007

(no subject) @ 08:52 pm

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

falala. had an okay weekend. i got another eye infection. what the fuck is my body trying to do to me?! anyways it was pretty awful. and they though thety were going to have to freeze my eye and then scrap out the infection or something because it was so bad. :| but luckily it's getting better so i dont think i need to do that. thank god.
yay desperate housewives tonight.
i love being in love. im so happy all the time when i talk to him. and even when i get bitchy he is able to make me happy again in a minute.
watched the cutest show on TLC where they give kids video cameras... it's on mondays at 7. there was a little boy with cp and he was absolutely adorable.
blah blah. had thursday and friday off school because of the snow storm. horray for 4 day weekends. then school monday then tuesday is my day off. but im usually pretty busy tuesdays, it's grocery day and laundry day and cleaning day, and it's amazing how much time it takes.
im so excited to move in with oleg next year. im not looking forward to the summer. i got a job though.. well more like a back up. loblaws said they'd take me back. i just have to call 2 weeks before im home so they can set it up. not the perfect job but whatever. hopefully i'll get another job and not have to go back there. i dropped off my resume a bunch of places so we'll see. anyways DH time!

February 27th, 2007

(no subject) @ 01:25 pm

Current Mood: content content

lalala. had some amazing sex last night. twice. hehe. i love sex. oleg and i had sex everyday over reading week... at least once a day. hehe. his parents were at work all day. so we had his house to ourselves all day every day. it was lots of fun. but my mom found out i;ve had sex. no idea how... i guess she just guessed. anyways apparently i've ruined my wedding day, and i have to marry oleg now. my dad doesn't seem to care at all. my mom does though... well sometimes she jokes about it... but other times she seems mad. whatever i dont care. im having lots of fun having sex with oleg. plus, the first time you have sex is not great, so now it just means i can have great sex on my wedding day instead of painful crappy sex lol.
on a different note: can you ask for a number of the group home for me lauren?
my sister may be coming up for easter... which is kind of good and not good... easter will probably be a pretty crappy time for me this year, considering what happend lat easter... but then again i'd like caleigh to come stay with me, and maybe she will take my mind off of it... i dont know. we'll see.
blah. did the dishes... doing laundry and going grocery shopping soon. chores chores today. going to olegs after though. okay well time to go get the laundry.

February 19th, 2007

(no subject) @ 09:58 pm

Current Mood: crappy crappy

I AM NOT A SLUT. i am having sex with my boyfriend who i am in a committed relationship with and who loves me a lot and who i love. that does not make me a bad person. my mom is acting like im disguisting. telling me how bad of a influence i am on caleigh. well caleigh can make her own desicions, it isn't all about what i do. GAHHH. this summer is going to be awful. im already annoyed and i've been home less than 3 days!
my eye is killing me. and it's showing now. my whole eye lid is all bruised and purple now. it's lovely. not to mention the insane redness and swollness of it. it's awful.
i stayed at olegs last night. it was lovely. his mom knocked on the door this morning and i was soo worried she was going to come in.. it's just awkward. she didn't though, she just called oleg out and told him where food was lol.
i guess i am making things worse with my mom. i asked if i could go over to olegs and she said "why can't you guys hang out here?" and i said "because we cant have sex here." hehe funny funny. well i thought it was. and my mom kind of did too. she laughed... kind of in shock though. we did end up having sex. but we already had sex in the morning so i wasn't actually planning on it. i love him soo much. he makes me so incredibly happy. i know we can be together forever.
i've lost a lot of weight and i look much better now. well not a lot... but enough that it's noticeable. im much happier with the way i look now. i want oleg here now to hold me. i have a headache. and my eye hurts... and i just generally have no energy. im going to go read and hope this headache goes away. but i have a feeling it's because of my eye.

February 18th, 2007

(no subject) @ 11:29 pm

Current Mood: blah blah

lala at olegs and bored because him mom is healing him. she is seriously nuts. im not joking. but for some reason he does eerything she says. like drinking bear fat. :| oh well. and then my mom said im being a bad influence on caleigh, how!? by having a steady boyfriend who is repectable, doing well in university? i dont understand what it is im doing that is a bad influence. she did say oh well. she said'no by getting pregnant at 18!" which im not... and she was just being whiny because im staying at olegs tonight. :P nosy oleg trying to read this. :P had to cover it from him. and then his mom came in lol. she is nice i suppose. whatever. my eye is killing me though. which is pretty horrible. and im cold cold. i wonder what his parents think of me. oh well. im bbbboooorrreeeddd. tomorro my mom and i are going shopping. :) fun fun. my sister wanted to skip the day and come with us but my mom said no. :P i want my oleg to come hug me. i wonder if he asked his parents if i could stay lol. my dad didn't care. my mom seemed to be a little more concerned. but it's not like she doesn't know he stays at my place all the time. oh well. falala. bored like button. i wish i brought my book. olegs room is sooo empty!

February 15th, 2007

(no subject) @ 08:27 pm

Current Mood: crappy crappy

bored in criminology class. you'd think it'd be exciting... well not exciting but interesting. not really. bored out of my mind. and my laptop is going to die in a minute. then im going to be really bored and have to actually write and not type. coming home on saturday... i'll be home at night i guess. olegs parents are dirving. which will be weird. gaaahhh. this is awful. i want to be at homeeee. only another hour and a half. pure torture. oh well. oleg has stayed over all week. it;s been good. lots of sex. :) hehe. i swear i haev the highest sex drive ever. i could have sex like 4 times a day i swear. hehehe. im ridiculous.
cal's friends decided they hate her today. so she came home from school crying. so i sent her an email telling her i love her. poor cal she can never find good friends.
im kind of excited to come home. no teri or alex... i think. well no teri. she alreay had her reading week.
blah blah. hurty throat. and i've been taking cold fx. which is insanely expensive!!! these chairs are so uncomfortable. my feet dont reach the ground. it's no fun. my hands are so dry they were bleeding. no joke. and i've been using lotion almost obsessively. more than i've been having sex. hehe im funny.
laptop is dying. buhbye!

February 11th, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:19 am

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

falala. oleg is sleeping in my bed and i had no room so i got up. plus it was 9 in the morning anyways. we've had a great weekend. besides the me having a period part and both of us having horrible colds. but still. we made 3 meals yesterday... french toast, salad and salad dressing and this pork thing and mashed potatoes and gravy. it was yummy yummy. oh and i cant forget the chocolate covered strawberries! :) we watched TV and Babel and were just together. it was actually a lot of fun. and i have the funniest story... but it is kind of x-rated. :( but i could not stop laughing at the time. falala. i have a history mdterm tomorrow that i am not at all prepared for. so im going to go study some history while oleg is still asleep and not demanding i do all these things for him. happy happy weekend.

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