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Bri's Life!

April 1st, 2009

(no subject) @ 09:30 am

Current Mood: stressed stressed

semester is almost done!!! i have 2 exams tomorrow. one of which im not worried about, but my stats stuff is sooo hard. i dont know what im going to do. oleg was trying to help me last night. and again tonight we are just going to go over practice tests. if i dont pass it this semester i wont be able to graduate in the fall since it isn't offered. which sucks. so i neeeddd to pass it. no choice. i think i only have about a 55% in the class now. by far by lowest university mark. im feeling extremely stressed and it's my fault since i didn't do enough work on it at the beginning of the term.
gahhh. too much stress. but i do get to go hand in my essay for one class and that means im done the entire course! it's nice to have 1 course done. and tomorrow i have my final exam for psych of adolescence so that course will be done too!
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Bri's Life!