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Bri's Life!

May 6th, 2007

(no subject) @ 12:08 pm

Current Mood: chipper chipper

slept at olegs the past 2 nights. it was lovely. love him sooo much. went to a russian picnic yesterday. a bit boring since i didn;t understand a lot because supposedly they were swearing a lot, which i obviously was not taught in class. oleg was great though. he talked to me a lot and everything. i felt a bit stupid just trailing after him so i went and sat by the water for a while and he joined me. i went in up to my knees but oleg wouldnt come in. i was wearing a dress so i just pulled it up. it was COLD though lol. like 12 degrees out and WINDY. but it was fun sitting by the water with him. oleg said he was happy i came with him and everything. it was nice. hehe had sex last night and it was amazing and i guess i was making a fair amount of noise and supposedly this morning when oleg came out of his room his dad was smiling weird. anyways oleg said he is pretty sure his dad knows we had sex last night lol. whatever. im sure they know we have sex. not so comfortable that his dad may have heard me but whatever. his dad was smiling weird at me this morning at breakfast. but i thought it was because he thinks im picky. they had salmon and mushrooms. the 2 things i dont like. i hate the texture of mushrooms. yucky. plus i hate fish. i ate the pancake thing it was good. the family breakfast was weird. oh well. it was fine i suppose. it's not like i can contribute much when they are speaking russian. olegs dad was trying to get me to eat aged cheese. which is basicallly the only type of cheese i dont like. it is too strong. i love most cheese. blah. they probably think im soo picky. olegs mom was like "what do you eat?" lol. i was just like "i dont know..." hehe. weird. oh well. im going to go. desperate housewives tonight!! yay!! and going to my friends dance competition with my friend alex which should be fun!! :):):)
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Date:May 6th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
glad you had a good couple days.
Yeah, I've gotten that look from Gerry..hahah.
mmm mushrooms haha eww fish though I do agree on that.

Bri's Life!